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Current Video:Sunderland v Everton Premier League Highlights 04/20/13|

Could Sunderland build on its emphatic win over rivals Newcastle with a win at home to Everton? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

College to Kenny or take charge of his first time getting his manager at Sunderland. In their fight to Premier League survival against Everton chasing a hopeful spot the system the state he replied well we got into -- I yelled yeah. And -- -- to get replaced him at the back was always cool -- -- beyond. -- claim with a chance safe -- keep -- keep the team how it. Rain still looking for his first -- since since January news from Swansea city. Sometime and start to the game three points about the -- on and off to their -- would have -- -- council. And enjoy a slight opening here at all today don't be success Sebastien Lawson. The first half Afrique clipped the top of the cross ball at him how would -- for a split second. And to came into this -- full points of the champions league spots off today -- goalless draw with Arsenal. But they had at -- right -- opening half and found themselves behind the pulled -- team tools and staff -- session you'll. But the second goal in as many games thanks to the Eric giving it white says he won't punish. And it's and thoughts on the DL and it's the behind supplement some from the first off goal. Danny Rose coming close to scoring me at this moment ready summing up some men's result on the tonight. Strong in the tackle to deny he handles -- possession. Is shields faced just one point. Everton were presented with a gift of a chance to get themselves a leg to equalize up after Krejci -- policy that to be cool place in dominion like. Otherwise it would have bet you'd open and it. The lights and things that you've done it -- you can't. Could fly the -- plus. A sea of red to boy instructions. They couldn't get it on the floor as well. Some -- and closing in on -- -- attitudes champions league dreams are fading fast it finished some of them one at a today.

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