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FOX Soccer News looks on as John Terry refuses shake hands with David Bernstein.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you missed if you didn't want fox soccer news last night. Does John -- strike you as the time to hold a grudge at all. Chelsea captain was caught on camera refusing to shake FA chairman David Bernstein his hand on Friday the Chelsea returned the champions league trophy ahead of next. Its final Wembley. Remember that there was cleared and criminal court of racially abusing a few yards Anton Ferdinand but the FA did slap him with that -- match -- Every commented on the incident afterwards. Did David comes to look to see the Honda. Did you shake it's not bad not -- It's a difficult one for me. You know obviously he went and spoke. About me Nicole kites and you know sits -- -- someone so and it's probably the subject that we should maybe just -- point. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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