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FOX Soccer News takes a look at Tottenham star Gareth Bale's return from injury.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Is now available fourth election for -- and -- match against. Manchester City at white Hart lane the Winger has been out of action for the last fifteen days with an ankle injury which he suffered against all in Europa league play. -- -- has more. Andrei the last bosh broke the news every taught them -- wants to -- -- from bank balance. -- -- -- But not nominated for player and young player of the game is ready to return to the top -- were so cool finish is made good progress move. And from. From the beginning of the -- Louis proved to be training really teams who think he's you definitely. Wouldn't be the -- And when you tell the selection is he fit to stop you think he's he did this is a decision it and I don't still have to make -- but the only people. What he did make public the the post it's been sending striker Jermaine to followed. And we got Aaron Lennon. Both during contention this weekend the timing is good didn't tell them a couple of fifth so I'll just finish gosh assessed the race of champions. Places. -- want to be in them. You know we have I've told you before broad the second worst on them everything. Definitely has -- been difficult to come -- ahead of them Chelsea to. And so I think you know all those things namely the return to get the most amount of points as possible the play against some big teams. Arsenal of food holy season is still available. -- united at home but you know I think. Great great spectacle for the Premier League and you know hopefully we can we could beat -- Detroit. Champions Manchester City visit why -- playing on Sunday a very big game it's not -- with -- be admitting fixtures and taking on -- must win status. What's fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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