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Check out Sir Alex Ferguson as he talks about recovering from last week's match against West Ham and looking ahead to face Aston Villa.


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Still feeling the effects of a physical encounter and it's Upton park. Well -- a few bumps and bruises from Wednesday it. Didn't -- beautiful. She won. And I think and Camilo was doing nothing move -- how pitchers who know -- and just. Sits and incidents though have again raised questions about the need to retrospective punishment. You shouldn't -- And -- and then not -- his -- other you know I would these things sent. They don't and doesn't ball in the afternoon to I don't would tune. To say that they should -- necessary to have Tyson and it is gone from it does the papers anymore. The issue Wayne Rooney's future -- -- with his substitution against west ham. Again feeling to Paris on your mind -- reportedly wants to continue to bring you contract with united. -- -- -- -- -- -- Besides even more often when -- simpler. Doing between Israel -- his tenuous this constantly with the fifteen years it is it also put a lot of things. We went out and played baseball a global -- -- to shoot out isn't -- back to -- stimulus today. Who have taken teams to win the moment Miguel Augusto -- the whole team is. -- -- forward for business and I would reduce Damon on Monday. I'm Sonics who made just one win to secure -- Manchester United's twentieth league title if Manchester City lose at Spurs. Video caught us gospel it's.

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