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Current Video:Villas-Boas knows Tottenham have challenges to face|

Come see Andre Villas-Boas as he discusses Tottenham finally having a fit team and an uphill battle to finish in the top four of the Premier League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Andrei village bosh broke the news every -- them run -- to heal from bailouts. But you in. The none nominated for player and young player of the game is ready to return to the -- fight for a hopeful finish. Made good progress moved from. From the beginning of the end of the week too -- to be training -- teams so I think -- -- -- -- -- -- And one self selection isn't fit to stop and think he did this is a decision that else in the Dominican Republic though what he did. Make public the the -- it's been sending striker -- defunct. And we got Aaron Lennon both are in contention this weekend the timing is good you can tell when -- comes in fifth. So I'll just finish the last system rates the champions league places. We're going to be in that. You know we have I've told you before April the second worst on them everything. Definitely is a bit difficult to -- the defense Chelsea to. So. I think you know -- -- I didn't read the return to get the most amount of points as possible the putting in some big teams. Arsenal of food holy season is still a little maybe -- at home but you know I think. Great great spectacle for the Premier League and you know hopefully we can we could -- that. Champions Manchester City did it why can't blame on Sunday. A very big game it's not -- with eighty be admitting fixtures and taking longer must win status -- -- by sports.

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