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David Beckham is to become an ambassador for Sky that will involve the former Real Madrid and Galaxy player in supporting its work to encourage grassroots sport across the UK and Ireland.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And David Beckham has joined sky as an ambassador as part of a long term partnership to increase. Grassroots participation sport the former England capped a little slow play and leading -- sky sports living for sport initiative. And he's already made an impact with a grain of young Stephens. Surprise. If you think you've seen. It and I needed and he Randy Williams and you know disappointed I had. Mean I haven't got a nice place who have -- David Beckham's passion for sports -- infuse Yassin to encourage youngsters to get involved in sports. It was a little -- to match proud to be part of of the company is actually been part of my career. Many years. -- excited about that policy you know skull last has the same passions is this me. You know gaining public children. And still. It Beckham will become an ambassador of the sky sports living for schools which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The 32 school initiative which is in spite. 30000 children in the last year alone would help wouldn't it seventeen fundamentalists and instead of leaving the sport ambassador. -- -- To -- some might -- she's young she's beautiful she's talented. You know she's a person. Young people just 100 spots that they use this type -- role as I -- as an ambassador that's also -- mostly successful you know. I'm very proud of that because I wanna see children got out a wanna. See children go out on being involved in sports not to say you know no. Just about playing in sports but being involved in school in some -- whoever's coaching Rivers healthy now. In different ways sports is very much of a halt a -- This we know the power of sport. To excite inspire many people -- to change our lives for the -- and of course David as a major sporting icons somebody touches millions of people around the world. Also those thoughts very very well sky sports living for sports. Is a very very important project and we're going to be focusing we only get involved in more schools that we we have more kids -- -- program. On me not want to Reagan which the government pulled -- David I think it's going to be perfect in Boston that -- most of us. No I think I'm sure everyone Wilson Ellis and you can be especially during an -- not really go with the strength. I have no plans whatsoever to push carry out any -- he talks too much. He's very good at what he does but he does token -- known for many many years and you know nothing's changed if he's not upon that teaching them going into Scotty this it's totally an ambassadorial role. Even not play some first to seventh almost -- -- -- -- I have no had I think I've got possibly I think he could say I love playing in the game but I know eventually I'm gonna pass through time things can. It's not far away. Beckham has enjoyed his time in France to Paris aftermath. Although he has yet to decide on his playing future. He'll be busy and Gillick she's going sports books.

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