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Tottenham host the champions this weekend in a crucial game that will have a huge bearing on their Champions League qualification fate.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Round that people continues on Sunday with saw them against Manchester City. It's those types of its helpful bishop suffered a setback with a run of just bomb went in forty games. Last night was a couple nights ago I would have been like guilty -- it in stride prevented the -- -- -- That was followed by -- rightfully exit which -- space desperate to avoid a repeat of last season's run and capitulation. That cause isn't helped by injuries to key players it is triple was expected to be back this week before suffering a thigh injury training. -- -- to 95. I'm William dust bowl -- touching guy for the weekend -- Paris failed continues to miss an ankle problem that he might be risk notes of that. Manchester City they called wicket between struggling -- on Wednesday. They develop positive results that that they would all but -- second place wells defeat would -- Manchester United could seal the -- -- them and I. The six months on the sidelines Mike Richards made his comeback we -- we haven't come through unscathed is available for Sunday. You'll face competition from Michael he's back after two months on the sidelines. Foster but that Mangini could also have to have it still for a great athletic guy we've recovered from hamstring extract. Anfield is the destination for Sunday's second game as Liverpool face Chelsea. The reds types of challenging for -- to fourth place shortly I -- I'm following a goalless draw or reading last time -- even he wrote the league qualification -- Bob says that. That's down like that McDyess he -- it was the second matching your relatives friends and we'll decide that failed to school uniform of -- -- -- will be forced the incidence. But that was Suarez and former Chelsea side Daniel stereotypical full -- about -- next. Divot pulled a half -- -- instead innovative and a -- -- after a thigh injury while Chaney -- looks poised to continue with the -- defense. We'll just instinctively try until the veteran out of his decision to retire. Season. Chelsea remain on course for a top -- finish up today brushed aside -- rivals quotable Wednesday. At 32 triumph by the tens to eight in the record book that between themselves and fifth place best with as little margin for error in the run it. Sunday will be an emotional best return to anfield but former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez. As he's answering postseason you'll have plenty of criticism but is still ripping it domestic side and he sure won't exception. That's likely to be plenty of changes from that week as rapid rotation policy continues. That means extract Fernando Torres could mean -- in papers down but off. Well actually go and Gary can do it here -- fitness so Ryan Bertrand and John Terry may find themselves back. --

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