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FOX Soccer News recaps Wednesday's Premier League clash between Manchester City and Wigan Athletic.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night we. We Stalin Wednesday's dress rehearsal of next month's FA cup final where again had the unenviable task of traveling to the -- he had. Well in the -- relegation about Vlad -- came into Wednesday sitting in eighteenth place three points from safety. Good thing -- they've got two games in hand over the relegation rivals. As good. Not mathematically eliminated from the title race but pretty much eliminated Martina still have a -- and we -- a failed to scored the last five -- visit the city you know that before he started laughing. 37 minute my goodness that's a setup in the area but -- -- State's bigs and make the safe. Nice time in -- of city immediately count though as you'd expect them to with a lot of firepower on the status of the -- in for Sergio well but his countrymen. Came. Put a foot on its not just through the -- second half 49 minutes on the -- he works his way. -- it but it's luck but Julian mascot. Preventing a goal that savings that he's lost his 82 minute. Relax with their best chance of the game free -- -- -- -- also Garner hits the ball with a header. He's outside anyway and it's just a minute later seventeen steps from defenders. At least some great strike that -- the top corner it's fantastic winner for city that's all they needed they take it one -- -- Wow man city have now kept nine clean sheets in their last ten matches in all competitions at UT had. That's what you call -- fellow service has 84 goals and 196. From the league appearances now the exact same record that Christian Ronaldo pats. In the primarily. When we come back and things that I -- -- -- worth -- set for his teams fatigue was a major factor in the match. Because. I think that -- blue grass so I had. Play sort of Portland game. Five days and who's led the last game I was invisible. It was an easy game mean of these before -- gave. -- some of the -- we got ready for tomorrow and there you have. And six on people's -- better. I don't think there's many teams always any teams having come here on the limit. And want to see that you should do shouldn't target. I -- feel that we have very very fortunate today for the performance of us was my name is not as good as good as it gets to come here. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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