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Catch man United as they travel to London for their clash against West Ham


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A stuttering performance with a champion today. I just the united list united. Bagel for the committee that they connect 23 points but they took the lead with a Scottish political plan to attend. But it seemed to match obviously created the opportunity. He did well to pumpkins and look at poultry at that even. How would you say is we can't advise they will be important for these teams second goal this season -- -- number -- -- -- -- mistake. This is 150. Game in this pool pool. Pretty soon to -- this he created that chance and creating the space against real important. I just united -- -- into action -- -- equalized Robby but as soon linking up with his gala. It was -- attempted -- at any evidence yet these guys floated a year maybe you won't want to Manchester United. When facing have a comfortable lead me if he slugged it. But he was astonished -- created goal and very simple finish. Who wasn't a performance that was going down well with sir Alex Ferguson. In the second half united started quietly with west. We can't believe. We definitely took a strike from -- obviously they. Is that goal of the season. Got it cited by the end every day you finish probably -- But Manchester United scrambled what could be a significant point it leaves them six points away. From the 28 title. And it was brought in -- Nancy called that goal. -- -- gala at my pool play putt writes the dutchman having a little slice of luck. As the offside flag stayed down. I just uniting the dominating possession. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It matches the united -- themselves out of jail to rescue -- points as western united edged closer to safety full time. --

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