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Current Video:Fulham v Chelsea Premier League Highlights 04/17/13|

Come see all the action as Chelsea goes to Craven Cottage to face city rivals, Fulham.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- But they'll Chelsea three Chelsea it. That Johnson's at the top four finish with a comfortable time for the West London doubly and every staff Bryant -- He's not able to convert Sasha winters crossed the ideal opportunity for followed. They address all of those top of that all but Chelsea that'll -- it. The other goalies we have an outstanding individual goal from the blue book thirty yards to give Chelsea you can't teach. What will be its efforts. Won't be Chelsea the fact that. And put them in control. At craven cottage. I'm Paul it's almost as saying it's Schwartz and seeing that relates. To food stayed home. -- it -- all time gold scored right holds. True so fortunate. To survive for this Chelsea set police. A second goal floats. Not a bullet for a while -- Film cherry bomb in his return to the first aid. With that second goal of the game you scored on these last Premier League started Southampton. I'm -- charity repeating the streets to gave Chelsea. A two goal leads. And things Colts even better quotable the -- looks smaller it's with a quick home. -- witness records and Chelsea's. It's. It was a convincing rated games. And an opportunity for charity to celebrates. A victory. The groups that run to the table. Chelsea winning three -- the critical each.

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