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Current Video:Rafa Benitez continues to be questioned at Chelsea|

Find out on FOX Soccer News as Charlotte Gurney reports that Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez criticism seem to have no end.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you missed -- he didn't want fox soccer news last night. When your club with a luxury of riches like Chelsea while you're going to have to rotate your club like a lot Sunday's 21 FA cup loss -- -- city was the 35 major semifinal that Chelsea have played in since Roman. But the club that's impressive but it was the first time that both the captain and the vice captain yes Terry -- part were dropped from such a match -- let's -- in his rotation policy Charlie Gurney as the story. Final Benitez is rotation policy at Chelsea has come in for some criticism of late. Sunday's 21 FA cup defeat to Manchester City was the 25 they just semifinals at the London -- -- didn't run it from a -- became a night. However it was the best on that but the captain and vice captain would drop from such amounts. John Terry in front I'm content but it's widely expected to start for the birdies coming elite Dhabi -- which put him on Wednesday. With the potential ten games to play the final ITT days of the season but he has its stunning volleys rotation policy. We have done a lot of things -- -- who have nine or ten games to play. So all of the squad don't look this would be important and they have been important and has to use him until the end so we can we have to minuses truck and we -- into the -- We Terry's future seemingly had doubts and questions have been raised at for possible successor results uncounted. Go peaked at -- to check that decided Terry's absence at Wembley on Sunday that definitely has been cited as a possible replacement. The -- suggestions however have been -- -- like Benitez two to pump the club at the end of the season. Don't want to talk about the future we'll have. The long term future when we. And Molina primitive. China proving that to Fuller and also the police so that we lose one of their input to because I would -- -- -- -- But then they'll confidential I don't want to -- too much credit to him because -- maybe I was -- -- -- goes I think he's keep fit for us. And QB keep in the future. The win against but does make goes some way to making up for that complex 63. Point conceivably talk -- it's -- in the league table. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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