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Current Video:Recap: Arsenal is left frustrated at Emirates|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Arsenal could break down Everton and had to settle with a draw after winning four straight league games.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. That's Tuesday gave us one game in the primarily in two teams desperate to be playing Champions League Football. Next season certainly want a little bit more so than the other. Good thing for Arsenal then that they have scored more goals at home against Everton that any host side in any fixture informally history. Must mean we can expect to go -- yeah 49 goals they've scored previously -- entering Tuesday's match in third place. Four points up on average finish 76. Six minutes long ball through for Stephen -- but these guys the opportunity. Ever since threatening early 44 minute. The bad clearance by -- insulated. What are you doing eccentric a -- seeds here against he dances first base and -- his shot sailing high. Lucky for the big haired Belgian fortieth minute -- Barkley in perfect -- any Thabeet gives outsiders cheaper with a great tackle. Chesney a little lucky there are a little fortunate few minutes later -- falling Eric Ramsey we'll send across and for a Libya through. The press -- -- direction though is wide of the target. -- don't score in the first staff must mean to be forty in the second half. Forty ninth minute give us. That's not a pass -- -- strong volley from the Spaniard but Tim Howard makes a diving stop the American very sharp. On the evening. The 65 minute. Barkley had it again he's working at the edge of the area so much space why they left and so much space he fires they're great curling effort. But it's just one of the post. 74 minute Arsenal with a corner of their own sense and -- -- at the -- at the far post and tried they shaky backfield and Howard. Is right there for the safe. It was never wore. Certainly eighth minute. It's Arsenal on the attack have felt left out -- Chamberlain in front for Giroux -- Seamus Coleman with -- tremendous block look at it from this angle that could be. European place -- ninetieth minute but solo through from the killer cents a but it's another great defensive play from Coleman. Man of the match yeah buddies so in some punts for sure stoppage time one last chance for average since the -- To any city. But it's a fourth strike from well out he fires it well over the bar. They share the points Arsenal and ever -- play to their for a scoreless draw in 42 matches haven't done that since may of 93. They'll -- the finals and Howard becomes the second American to play 300 from in the games Brad Friedel of course the first. Is also Howard's 100 formerly clean sheet -- to him Arsenal now unbeaten in six games in all competitions -- Iverson. They extend their unbeaten streak in the -- of five. Afterwards -- -- was proud of both teams do. And have you refined. But. Contingent. I think we had the chance to win the game -- regret could have tonight. I'm proud of the effort to put -- didn't. And fantastic focus you have shortened tournament two minutes into. To disappoint you couldn't take no chances. Thought it was a really good game I don't know there was no goes and then there was intent. We put some good stuff that things we had to defend well attained so. It's never gonna be easy for us in a little point just that is really good today. I'm not too despondent before you even know what to do it. What's fox -- news every night at 10 PM.

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