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Fulham host West London rivals Chelsea while Manchester City play Wigan and West Ham take on Manchester United.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pregame in the Barclays Premier League -- Wednesday we stopped -- preview with Manchester City that he's way doesn't. It's what we have to rally to the two sides FA cup final meeting next -- Six semifinal tried on Sunday night off on the tails of it dramatic 21 victory that bitter rivals Manchester United. Said Joseph where have came off the bench distilled appointed Old Trafford it. And he reminds available for Wednesday's game after escaping an appetite back for a stumble Chelsea that -- -- Avid Silva -- their rights to be fifty -- however after limping off in the W with a hamstring strike. That they -- Richards could return to action for the first time since October after becoming a serious knee injury. We're gonna arrive at the NT -- stadium free points from safe date but the -- so well against their current situation. With two games in hand over the teams above them will be feeling confident of pulling -- yet another Greg this guy. The event I'm not that he's side brought a lot of five games unbeaten in all competitions. I lost gossip shall melody great kick save the point at queens park Rangers afford not to go to. But ironic at safety is less than impressive. Having lost their last six against the players without even register as -- Champions elect the Manchester United travelled to the east and -- -- -- west have. A lot of points at -- last time now believed to have a 67 points clear of the drop Doug. But with a host of resurgent team below that then not get to assure their survival. -- -- equalizer some Mary's came off the back of two goals against west -- lost parents that means now scored five -- last seven. Feel like strikers hinted that he would be open to making a comment they've walked -- off in some. This game comes to -- that in just as joke Colin did some great. Beating ball sat out of ice is unlikely to think that too much with the big week's election. A routine win at -- last time out extended United's -- at the -- to fifteen points and means its twenty as an elite tight that was all but wrapped up. The victory to retaliate -- it would have come -- a huge relief for the red Devils. Off the lawsuit to Manchester City and Chelsea and Real Madrid in recent weeks -- what that did that confidence. Again against the office also so Robin bounce pass seat behind the net for the first time since that period that ended -- goal drought at twelve and a half balance. I'm Messi scored off just -- ten seconds to seal the points in the request that Jeff. But up to -- -- -- made -- tricky ground the united. We've just seven wins in -- 68 million kids. Wednesday's final games these bottom placed Chelsea. Off -- -- at wake up at sit on Sunday Rafa Benitez side now that their attention to sit here and that's helpful finish. At 21 victory -- the Sunderland the ball not to go to the month Colts but they'll need to keep that up that this London now they. Other schools John Terry and Brian potter fan and beat -- tonight and having missed out that the weekend could both be in line for -- recall it right about the age. It's revolves that he hit without it it depends if you have Gary thank Helen actually felt well rapids rotation policy means that and that's all right we'll likely stop. Thank them again but bomb. I think that it -- relegation battle. Eleven now looking up the -- -- -- waddle toward us than that I last week needs just 157. About the deal side. But I haven't beaten a local rivals since 2006. -- -- it's obviously the colleges shining lights with three doubles if possible games including the weather -- its former light of them if it's not. Don't will be without David Dolphins -- up against that are. Groin injury Paula -- kind of -- everything go out for the rest of the season with a knee ligament damage.

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