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Catch all the action from Tuesday's match at the Emirates as the Gunners and Toffees battle it out in an attempt to secure a Champions League place.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Possible bit it's in a critical game to two sides pushing for the champions league. But it's -- good defense to settle and made great shots inside the first six minutes we'll kick field -- were able to -- compete now. We couldn't convert to solitude form. Who wins the most polite for the -- seven innings but a school full points the difference between the two. We'll just went -- to -- additional. Most controversial move into the rough and just struggled to -- the Olympics and who still -- but it's good yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rick -- used to seeing -- over the previously this season. -- Tonight having been sensitive -- weekend. It took -- his -- ball to bounce himself into action. I imagine faulty equipment. Until they flew to the event to -- smoking. Some from team goals for the season and -- into the -- snakes. You know it's no reach the -- game. Into the second period. Of attitude we -- we -- of taking the me. Its weakness for the pit Bulls mostly just nineteen years today disappoints bulletin into the into the doubles and tonight. Then the school for the trophies. We won't lose and it's it's. Do you want to. One of the Falklands. One for the phils world will be fifteen minutes left. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's what it is too big attendance. You know in the PH who. It'll be as the little school up two points ahead it's close but maybe he's been -- -- game and he finished at the end it's possible they'll. To me.

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