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West Ham manager, Sam Allardyce, feels that new financial rules in the Premier League may prevent him to keep Andy Carroll.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Somehow I think is a Premier League chief financial rules have ended west Sam's chances of signing Andy Carroll. This site has spent the season on -- up the box and happy for a permanent deal was agreed Allah that says. -- sections mean west ham can no longer afford to buy out. One -- to some of our secrets -- dole on the wolves of west Thomas media rim but none fall into the category of big money deals. That's why buying can be Carroll in the summer. Now looks unlikely financial restrictions. Being implemented next season. Could blow the older -- -- -- Monfils -- the new financial restrictions mean on the -- parents aren't. Photos from Liverpool because it's too expensive. Even if you wanted to. When the loan deal was done -- -- I was agreed between west ham and Liverpool. The new Premier League rules announced last week -- -- the -- -- the -- Cubs spent on wages but some -- I'm on problems whatsoever in the count full stop him there even if I want to be mr. -- amongst the even if you'll want to him which we do it it won't break it won't pay him male and -- The public could afford -- we -- some pop on Wednesday west -- take on Manchester United. Where do you start moment debate about how good this you know to take. Well I think you have to say since this disease have a baby because nobody know who wins this article so easily. Amare so much of a margin and -- -- so much reminds in the stage of the season you know makes it's a pretty scary -- their -- Marshall totally not finish his. It's been better with the extra rotation. He's masterpiece and you -- bye -- in their own team not. Games come kids sit down for Wednesday after limping off the Southampton Illinois says the Winston Reid and George McCartney also needed to -- -- thin at the clock. They come from start school.

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