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Check out FOX Soccer News as Manchester United took another step to obtaining another Premier League title as they defeated Stoke City 2-nil.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Certainly -- go up against Manchester United united but for the bounce back from the loss to sixty. Also Monday fourth -- Robin van person's going to help bounce around hopeful floor Michael carried the -- red. Michael hatfill was first the campaign is one -- Manchester United people's -- another guy on the sidelines for a minute Wayne -- -- -- -- them made a long belted two under way but that meant ask me a -- base twenty blend with the free kick -- the big men who. But moved up spent over. But why those 1000009 tipped off the 45 minutes. Second our backs now fifty two to read so across to -- press involved including -- and the draft it's no one's. Bruises that -- commanding two minutes off the -- and run shot and hit it down the Jonathan Walters scuffle months ago. Even Bill Walton somewhere else since and -- sixteen -- And we'll -- Britain's best ball -- -- disposable penalty you know I think given. Have penalties and all the -- looking for his first filters that would attend. Is it opens and the younger is to be cute and is -- good news from the league's first club gold. Eleven league games and first phone Adam dead pool goes I'm confident that with the head. Staying -- and getting ahead. And to the bowl game like it. Good enough but it's -- it differently until ten -- this happens. Else but the taking just like points and thirteen family games hasn't yet given any -- -- eat -- side -- all these big. He's young and when he plants. At the school eleven or more away goals in three different seasons and get some thoughts on great travelers after -- thirty was thrilled -- the week. Points and the question -- fantastic. I think that building convenience of unofficial two days and windy and I told you knew him through -- through ruins in. And it's nobody's if we succumbed to yet anyway. And I think the players -- all that kind of the bottom diplomacy given. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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