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Current Video:Recap: Sunderland earns first victory under new manager Paolo Di Canio|

Find out on FOX Soccer News how Sunderland were able to get a surprising victory over Newcastle United at St. James' Park.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Over to the -- weird -- where the pressure is on politicking and you had to be the miracle worker and somehow pull off -- -- away at Newcastle. Sunderland hasn't earned a victory since January and it can yell warned of plans to turn a black cat into a bigger team than their northeast -- Let's check out the games. That Atlanta win land in their last not exactly those games we. Maybe on the block away and fourteen minutes have to convince the area so dating brand and he had a great opportunity to be taken down in the area. So that's chances Boston ain't no penalty call 47 minutes step on that being out fights off the defendants before firing past. Yeah. And that is one nice right. How it can't happen sayings outlet on my sense after about lands it's one else unveiling. 28 minute you cannot go looking for adequate response happy feet -- getting behind the defenders. But ammonium -- there in the days. 38 minutes of the best defensive line he sent spinning -- come up with another big day he's doing his job in this game. First half the stoppage time it's played for Jonas Gutierrez Pelé as the favorite or getting -- -- -- by Steven Taylor. But Taylor has shown a yellow card. -- -- the wind -- Sunderland and a half and 55 minute Sunderland is briefcase across punches it away. But literally -- very awkward and anticipating it's still there. And it's a tough one because he will miss the rest of the season. He's replaced by Ron Allen gets into the 61 minute self and my about. Spring chickens they carry -- -- like his speech saying let's say into the next. On the replay you see today. Off my you know going to if they can't catch a break that happened to him twice on their senior class. Out of Purdue is going very very happy man of 74 minute it happened Johnson looking to get -- and some insurance is soccer match Sunday area and eat out again and what have you hopeful that. That -- have to can't answer it's quite to once again. It's negative it's an out 82 minute sensing opportunity that bond. Adding that says I -- no way we've been magnificent strike. So -- spent here and they went for the first time. The league games they're excited. It -- any differently if anything it's green on the final. So visiting Kenya that first win at Sunderland manager Americans will -- their first clean sheet and legal victory. At saint James as part since October 1956. Well. Think I passed. Now won just one. And then last six games in all competitions and to Kenya Princeton's players after the -- You can't be more problems and needs to be honest and they did everything they they gave everything -- left or damage on the field. Because it runs were -- the -- sold through and so. I'm very happy for them and look like a team. -- a week on the opposition. -- fresh and have a team of Todd that we don't think. Time and especially -- little bit at times in two of the confident. The time we just hide them on in the body and the guy Bubba. Calm -- it's really took its tallest this week the linesman was my at a crucial decision and one no which could -- the kind somewhere else. Unfortunate for us he's he's who -- so it's not. And then we've and then going to break -- of smash in the so called -- -- so very ugly guy for us and confidence gone from from my plans we apologize to -- -- in terms of result Ford that he's area he's an incredible -- Potential people the -- Small -- To try to get describe how from the relegation zone shall be up we have to be -- -- because the main job is not done. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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