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Current Video:Stoke City v Manchester United Premier League Highlights 04/14/13|

Manchester United can go 15 points clear at the top of the Premier League table. Could the Red Devils come away with a win away to Stoke City?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So welcome Manchester 92 to attend stage and having lost five of their last six top flight matches until he finished his son put off to the worst possible start. Like conceding we just over three minutes on the -- What they've done postseason -- I've -- to the hotel room on my. The first Premier League goal of the season for the England team -- -- Doing just enough to beat us infected each and Stoke City so. United looking to bounce back from that -- -- -- but then me and we'll take quite quite stuck. When we've been streaky -- Phil woods five over who. -- with a pulled just send the ball inside the upright as far stoking concerns he was -- best chance of the first half. Manchester United who have been more dominant in the opening 45 minutes and lose ground to second just before half time. When you -- unfamiliar midfield role in his three. It -- just slides. Mean so close to a fifteenth gold in the top flight this season. United was simply the dominant force they led at half time and make -- -- 226. Of the last 2790s. When making. Leading the -- and they really got to second seven minutes after the restart. Comparisons to -- and sign -- team. Having been put through by having him and his attention to much of what's on the side but couldn't beat Pekovic. I'm person's trial vote was -- just twelve minutes later he was ruled down by -- consent. Joseph Moss point six in the sports no world since it moved from Simpson team moving them to -- And -- just over twelve and a half pounds and hopefully down to goalie in ninety -- Robin Van Morrison doubled in nineteen suites. It's in no success in Manchester United. We need to seven points to secure the title one schools don't do united soon.

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