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Catch all the action from Goodison Park.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- the best of times against great heart breaks loose in the Premier -- just two wins and their previous eleven meetings the last in event the 1995. What -- just came close -- good betting pools it's nonstop from Tim -- That the -- could debate begin at the fearing the worst having seen aside quietly dominate the opening half. The failed to trouble Julius has done a deal dissident. They did -- with like that -- together for the bright. -- gets still deflect. It's at times they proceed he left like that hill. His list of the -- late season. And that's it. Shaving the -- a deserving the whole time -- The return of our belated statement you know had given edits it. Let's evil -- to what's really the range is exciting to be -- put up the post early in the second not signal that ongoing maintenance. A place in the right to Slovakia but trail -- over a bit and we will be some more assists than this. It was difficult courageous to eke out scoring opportunities. The -- -- goal by a Wigan last week may have. Knocked the stuffing out of that dates escape relegation but it really shouldn't have more than that he'd make it batted seventh distance and it would still play well let's say it's not. But I just spent much of the second half. -- back in the right half defending at the subtraction. Harry Redknapp the coldest of massive -- he's tucked it coincidental than the last six games and attempt to stay up. But a similar build up saliva and second distance at it but then by Saturday today. Just his second goal of this community sees it. But I have a difficult rather than -- -- but I don't close the European football next. Well worth the three points here and listen to clean -- full range this militants and --

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