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The last time Arsenal played Norwich the Canaries came away with a 1-0 shock victory. Would there be another upset on the cards on Saturday?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- we know reached at emirates stadium the -- is having a wind it will -- in the books because in Chelsea in the third. Don't look -- look likely -- -- pull postal knowledge to the lead ten minutes after the restart. Roberts will -- his -- he headed home by Michael stood up. Sent a low scoring in successive games just his third of the season. Belichick and he made only four points above the draw episode was sent to get this victory it'll still sits way back in 1992. But the game turned -- and really controversial penalty decision. Referee Mike Jones apparently -- Romo could roll with applicable it was challenged -- and aviation knew what will be advice of his assistants he gave the spot picked. It appeared the man in the middle was -- a better position to -- They'll the last Mikhail ten to stepped up and just about the more on the penalty to go to Penn build it but -- he -- -- -- spent his sixth of the season. Appeared to have the adults to the point. We -- much better for the gun itself to that -- -- oaxley tightly cut off the bench some lovely one to with Lucas but don't speak. And of course it was good to load the idea and the nation root. He's seven feet to the season. Excellent first campaign in North London for the Frenchman. -- -- -- substitute looks like -- -- instrumental. Including the -- -- noses in front. That's suitable substitutes combined to appeal to its Theo -- -- since we got Lucas the bills he referred. In stoppage time the tournament. -- in the -- will be you with the today that he was fit for the game throws it out playoffs and they've got has still to be capable of seat belts. And about -- for so -- it looked like Wilson would lose. But ended up winning it means twenty bullet points of the most of the team. The opening tip a problem that we'll have announcements until -- which though we briefly upset three -- the final school.

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