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Current Video:FA Cup Preview|

FOX Soccer News previews this weekend's FA Cup action.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Welcome body back to talk a little FA cup action coming up at this weekend body lets with a big line between Chelsea and Manchester City on Sunday. But -- teams were the last two teams to win as they have this game -- amazing on paper do you think it's gonna live bats all the high. I hope so I really do hope so and and I can win those people we knew what I gonna get a result in this one. Even if it was the penalty kicks off the 120 minutes those two teams that sale on the and also two teams that stuff can sort of be in tactically and at least they knew children as well. Had fought several hot spots up any close games. Subplot involved -- -- -- -- yeah we've got to look and often and often. In life so this one it could keep it could be a fun -- game and also promised to chase him around in twenty minutes as well we will not go. Yes certainly I hope there's plenty of goals I wonder how much the pitch condition is gonna play into this one because it is the second game in as many days on the pitch. At Wembley is the turf going to be a little choppy we'll have to see but do you think that plays into it at all. It could possibly they'd be DC until sold it the pitch problems that Wimbley over the last couple of seasons. The beginning half when they open the -- -- -- I was I was a continuous ball in the state of the field was obviously disgraceful. I've been a hobby when tough ending DP in the end today -- feeling when you get. Pretty inclement weather this is is as we all know so. That if the weather does but on the softer then he caught up on the couple called for the game on Sunday as well let. You look at some of that topic Collin Nolan and wanted to say you could give itself makes it -- -- does. You -- one -- time Izod the most notable of all races from the start coming up so. I -- look at two teams Condo and then a team. We can keep the fingers crossed that the police officers from the -- he does well. Well it's Mel hall and weight gain to get a fresh. CLA on Saturday and we owner Dave Whelan said he'd rather see Wiggins stay up in the Pratt and and when that at -- hat and now Wiggins having trouble selling their allocation of tickets to this game. By the fans not incest because of what we aliens that's. Well it's it's Ken Anderson -- -- -- and is a very much associated with AP call for -- on don't be a -- of liberal he's away again we've -- it was in 1960. Hopefully we'll see you think you. A special place for his potential -- can be blamed if he -- for. Get to the final. But I guess he also brings a pragmatism but more so I think this is well and see other teams -- -- -- finals of competition it definitely got millions. You can plumbing. A couple of seasons spot in the common -- I get it would be winning at Wembley but that eventually they'll need. And -- -- -- my money that's it speaks so. Taken for up to what we'll try to want to hear about how the probe of course as far as the fines of consent to swing from the Walden could have been some people along with the teams at Wembley. Would that be a tough for the Williams supporters in which we opted to go eat and then some people leads me to those people he and so. When you see an allocation that 1000 and include the -- Back to Wimbley and by that says a lot above and Austin put up some we'd be at peace being need fought. When you get assault sort of on the wall we get in kind of maybe it'd be bad idea to move it to a small stadium. It be different deal that was the rugby game but it's not so I don't know we'll have to see big weekend coming up hope you enjoy the games thanks love this Bobby. Thanks guys. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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