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Current Video:Millwall searching FA Cup glory|

FOX Soccer News takes a look at Millwall's attempt to capture the FA Cup.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. I -- FA cup semifinals kick off on Saturday at Wembley Stadium where championship side now while while meet Wigan Athletic. Quite a journey for the lines -- it just sixteen in league championship and the Marlins have they got here Adam hunt report. That the lowest ranked team left England's biggest cup competition that -- -- the experience once in that semifinal against Wigan. The Lions currently sits sixteenth in the championship. While they reached the FA cup final back in 2000 -- we can never make that stopped. Then manager Kenny jacket nice previous records -- the lift clean tough football he's confident his side can give the fans that day to remember at Wembley. The beauty of the F I companies that that the different times it froze up Louis product this year with a different types of guidance we've negotiated a Moline and and now. You know we we get to I had a premier lakeside at Wembley so it's a great opportunity -- yes and no not image from from. From here it is it is right for the club that is right that applies. A little strength stuff to the back in that conceded just one goal in five games so far in the FA cup. That -- defended Danny -- -- lead the sign out of Wembley in the absence of club captain Paul Robinson and he sees no reason why they can't go one step further. Yeah I've been a crazy couple weeks but we are kind of calmed down now and you know we're just preparing for his game back into the game. Nothing deficit can go out there and you know what qualities do what we need to do. Whose only backing 2006. That Millwood languishing in the third tier of English football after going through six different manages in less than two years. Jack has been at the club since 2007. And one local newspaper reporter thinks he's given them a sense of stability. Well thought is huge and Brady the foundations of -- -- -- success in the last couple of it is the united they've. Brady become a very stopped this club in that the championship which you know was was was missing biffle. Not only the monitor those -- the Chan and you know that I've come in and that stopped by the club in this. Stability is key and that's the word you hear. Around this humps and -- Mil might be the any championship team left in -- she is FA cup but there's no sign of apprehension here in southeast London. Why should that -- they've already beaten one Premier League team in Aston Villa so far and I'll be hoping to make it two out of two at Wembley on -- today. Out of hunt fox soccer news. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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