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Arsene Wenger knows winning the following games is vital to securing a place in the Champions League next season.


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Now also could be seven points ahead of talking in the -- the -- is a couple with force specified -- next week -- Osment is not pay three times a -- club has much to Sissy fight for the 21 but we also monitor doesn't believe that we'll have any bearing on the finally places. So. We don't -- committed to like about -- just focus on -- -- game and tried to we need to know -- -- spin on the we have to concede that supposed to mean their games send you when you wait to did she decides to win the games we have -- -- -- produces. We know followed long time now that. All the main target he's just too we know games. Is that I'm jumping out to New York help or hindrance to them don't minded don't kid. I don't mind if it is an instance on -- I don't terrible thought because like terrible -- -- -- but -- do that you have to consult with. Teams from just want to focus on what we want to play in we know games section. -- can focus on ourselves and yeah we know games continue to play the way we played -- seems to it. And to Williams from strings distinction of receiving game. And putts but she that's all the talking to sell -- -- that many times. There's no -- fall dropping points. It should but these were in -- we need points and that's what you want to achieve.

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