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Current Video:Champions League: Barcelona, Bayern Munich clinch semis ticket|

The FOX Soccer Match Day crew analyzes all the exciting action that happened today in the Champions League


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All the talk coming into the PS he had Barcelona match was. Would that right hamstring of Leonel Messi be enough to at least get him on the bench onto the field he did not start was massively in Chapel -- coming off the bench. In the second half -- had a sick. And watch his side fall behind into the fiftieth minute -- different story with his current -- losing goal of the season at this point it's BST. On to the semis. -- -- -- One to admit there's a lot. Get through this that -- that -- -- -- -- left side takes away from others just pitch into the overtime for the defense is -- ball hit the net and assume it does at times. To -- he's up. Came on. And started display that was finished by Pedro was every. Whose start to focus on them a little bit this is so little ball player and everybody just got better and in the second that he was on the field. But the level went up. Okay. Hopefully the Phillies have done as well. For the supplies and I was very flat the crowd off the conceded -- go just saw him get off the bench that's been the host item on 2000 and get him ready they'll suck for that this. Is coming and then you have to then as a defendant be prepared to mind the double team on him if stopped by the -- in your minds because I was so comfortable. Mean even religion because I was awesome guy and look at will that was in this -- that's the impact that it has just getting off the bench. So let alone when he's on the field in the game when he goes forward he was so clearly there's no one is the decision is clearly not about tennis world that it was like. He can he she really didn't have an explosive as the little quick movements in the little touch -- mean it was just an off. That's all they need it you know you talk about the changes the way the formation. And I think what did not only do you have the sharpness that -- brings but. For me PSG kind of spread out more you think that there -- just give Marcum compact and collapse and when you play Barcelona team in the game gets wide open you know you're in trouble. But the thing you think that's because -- Tiago Silva who was who was just the man that has to make a decision EC Massa got us one. He's not -- reaction as a captain and laid it is to go on adjustable. Decision does that by people in the behind them that's when I want him more importantly when. Defend you're so concentrated a messy LLC Elvis to have a little bit -- -- -- -- about time as a -- there's very compact and very little. Gonzaga and it's -- that we are you kidding me the guy all of his pass is complete. As you get any better than that and end of the world -- with the latter portion of that game. We're usually they do the short passing and they keep the ball circulating. It was 4540. Yard balls on time they kept the ball moving and you're just left at that time just just run a number 96 passes attempted. 96 has pleaded Barcelona move on not fair to their sixth straight UEFA champions tonight. -- go back to PSG a lot of folks didn't think they did make it this far they -- They're on their -- be reckoned with down the road team to reckon with at this present moment and -- -- -- They've -- same result on the road victory today. Well -- it's. Just it's just amazing that the a couple of chances really believe that this that you could make -- he knows exactly what he's doing I. I think this is -- team has been built this competition and they're still thinking about last year for sure -- -- -- the leading score outs for -- one of the semi finals yellow card accumulation. For most clubs it's -- borderline death blow for a team like are merely trying to. The problem a complete they've got people come in and every position doesn't matter Theres Ford Center back. Goalkeeper maybe I mean minimum -- he's been impressive it was saucy today where. A lot of goalkeepers my figures have two left -- the pace of funeral shot -- I got mine Steve's Steve is tall. Which is out but yes I think they have people and in different spots I think -- touched on this once everything I think that's important. And but. Other places more. The despite big source. I'm -- -- as a team not because of the adversity they went through in the final. Also as well -- -- forget as well pat Graham has come on how does that lift everybody that I just won the late in the cancer. The professional to go to cheering and -- when a guy we're back to see them go. He comes in -- said that the most complete don't keep the film but -- still makes you go plaza and possibly not. And I don't go machines -- once they got every aspect of the guy when I can cover. Now -- in my opinion there -- driven off the disappointment of but Chelsea did to them to downwind remember the pressure they were under so much back talk about can't make it to the final in their home stadium. Now it's just let's go to London. And -- our business and they got the name FC Hollywood for all the drama the drama this year great team to all solidified. It looked much better and it did today without Tony Cruz mean that's that's what they can do just move people around. Although a little bit points to -- some of the -- The whole -- I don't have applied a little bit does the little Mirabelli -- That's what -- like I think drama plenty of -- that we are down to four teams in UEFA champions league. For the first time ever to German sides move on to the semis they joined two Spanish side's semi final draw the champions league in new laid back and Europa league. Friday 6 AM eastern live on fox soccer.

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