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Current Video:Recap: Borussia Dortmund v Malaga|

The FOX Soccer News crew analyze Borussia Dortmund's dramatic victory over Malaga in Tuesday's UEFA Champions League quarterfinal second leg.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss that you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. The other champions league quarterfinal operation Dortmund hosts the underdogs Allen pat last week that you clubs played to a dry in Spain. And for best -- -- amount back at an advantage in Germany not so fast. Dark and a half progressed each time after three previous scoreless away draws in their first like to play. And are the only on the inside left in the competition. So because of that -- we're coming into this game is now now on aggregate. We're gonna -- that in the 25 minute it's down blaze -- -- -- team. -- lot that is the bottom corner from now I can't get the away they have opened up the scoring. That they need one now fortieth minute mark go -- the beautiful through ball for Robert eleven deft piece of what the checking fever and equalize that. It's now tied at one. Tip our -- stoppage time now I got pre K is flying in from like being hit head Aaron. Pit stops by Grogan quite so it's don't want one at the break. We got a 47 minutes hour and look to break through eleven best defense eleventh straight thought that. That's really have I am makes it stopped again itself tied up one -- after he found every -- the one to -- It's at six and wife team that I find that out. -- a very safe. So 53 minute -- sentence mr. Hughes on the -- there. My -- that fails to take advantage. If he'd fired wide. Yeah he would like to get talent to back -- -- like continues seventieth minute Jeremy this is the last time rising to list right. That Biden Valentine's adapted. Sent them home -- of searching for the go ahead goal in the 76 minute. -- planet to realize that really have a -- makes a fine say that after more from the -- at that place and so it heavy air coming up with -- not and they say it's an unbelievable game. 82 minute -- that reward there keeper. Let's say scores but haven't had a plus he appears to be -- -- offside position. No matter. It's doing now I got it there would be plenty Smart drop out last in stoppage time. The hit that. Believe -- sport is a winner but second every play week born Dortmund player appeared to be an outside position. That stuff like that amount -- -- scored two goals in stoppage time I believe double and advanced to the semifinals greets you on track again. Durban are the only unbeaten -- left in the champions league recording six wins and four drives. They're also the only putt that went all five of their home matches and actually have a -- -- Of the last ten matches in the champions league and you club record after the match German box your in -- couldn't believe what happened. It was obvious but yeah. We've got the goal and made that makes two and unbelievable. Fifth whatever happens in his favorite books crazy. Can't really believe it -- just. It was probably a crazy -- momentum -- men and also my football history for sure it and I think that's going to be anybody goes on the field today and and the state it was a very very. Special match ended the way we and that is something that's. That's Vick could write a great story a great book -- -- this is something straight out of Hollywood movie. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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