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Current Video:Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund advance to Champions League semifinals|

Come see the FOX Soccer crew as they discuss Tuesday's UEFA Champions League quarterfinal matches.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ever since Robert Giroux was bounced out of the semi finals of last year's UEFA champions league their focus has been. Not only getting back to the semis it's getting to the title game and winning it all. Top to bottom that's what Real Madrid wanted to call the other back in the semi finals but. I'm a little. Closer than most expected in this day warm day. Well we knew it was going to be a rough ride for sure they did have some good. Horrible misses but they had some very. Interesting unique finishes we'll probably -- -- that's that's just a fantastic. But every -- and at the very end -- all over since you've taken off tick him off that's why there have been long. This just happened this. Others plus -- and having had. It's clinically isn't having it simple so sweetly. Puts him a cut above the rest in finishing in my opinion but got a test like they rallied they -- about it. I'm just hopeful that that's what a silly -- when and if the job done. You can't do that -- concerns you have now with where -- Madrid yes they won the series 53 but. Conceding three goals the way they did in the second -- any problems for you well I think. Coming up this came up my biggest promise that to your foot off the gas and haven't done that before I think go before going into this game the only problems it ever happens when they've been to spread out and they. They've been caught out and gaps between that there's there's center backs and teams can catch him quickly but. They tend to be to keep the team that's catching him but he quickly and they should be here today. I think throughout dislike of what I missed is what was leadership of run offs. And obviously Alonso I mean true when it does the guy and does -- but she's very a lot Maria could he likes to be compact at the back. Not shaken me food and then when you got a full would you guys -- with ice and energy. I think they maybe missed that but that's a -- cool because now -- going into the the semifinal every team has some form -- pick up some are bigger. Then others did it out of the way right an and an -- through adversity is an opportunity for really for Jose Mourinho this wasn't you know game that he can be happy with. Other moved on but what an opportunity for him to go in there and say all right that's not happening again. Because we're -- Madrid so it's an opportunity for him to manage. The other semi final -- should Dortmund. Knowledge about 100. Happened late wind. Folks you can hardly Scripps memorial insane finish to this one -- -- got off to one in stoppage time then. 22 and then this school. Should have been ruled offside instead it's this series winner. -- the door and off to the semi finals for the first time since 1990. -- -- there's this and then there was also one on the other end but you know has Flores as the referee went in this particular game. It was several. It was several offices -- it will come back of the smartest move that I was just to put it back for a goal but there's the reality guys there's not too. Which makes. Yeah and ended. It's it's amazing there's that guy is the same guys that are behind the goal what you did open what does that guy do I need and he gets paid to just stand there and go. It's a -- not gonna do anything that tennis is hilarious to me but many of the best you know tennis point of being of the same look that was offside but. But they got lucky they're fortunate to get through. But you know like I said before don't. The other girls were wearing a question mark yeah well -- positive booking coaches would say well that's all fear he cares about his goal was -- but. For them I think it's just harper if they put out. The right -- the team. It defensively they're very compact it didn't allow space in between them the Dortmund lost to get in the time they did it was just unbelievable back -- passed -- Royce. And just to switch off for a couple of minutes and get found out. Cost them. I'm in that game was over because it was over but it wasn't over there was still that little bit of time it was it in the LA times you see. Two goals and ninety plus minutes in the game of this magnitude fairly in. And it barely ever I -- all of exercise for the time because they've always been can I might have final step up and that I was out of it. Ninety minutes out of -- but I had that resiliency have a plan they just don't -- in that Mike ugly you have to. That's a massive step that might be enough of them to go to life as a German thing I don't like the boss everywhere and I think he's helped -- -- has been against. Goal line technology for so long it's it's a slippery slope where does that stop. That's his point. Is now I wanna say I don't -- like -- I want it all excited for. -- apology boosted -- live another day and the Real Madrid move --

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