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Roberto Mancini might have his position as manager under review at the end of the season


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He'll play it's it's not his final -- -- That -- -- Betsy and I Cheney that has his -- face -- -- lately as he nights it's the city boss may be fearful for his future. His position is important and to repeat at the end of the season. Disappoint reaching FA cup semifinals the time is on the brink of missing games due objective of the tape of him any time so. -- reached knockout stages of the champions league. City's European shortcomings were exposed in December that would make it possible that great. On fifteen points out that one was ahead of Monday's dumping clash on TV could be in line for -- summer appraisal. But don't the thanks Vlad is probably Charles that's August last summer including Robin from Tennessee's nineteen goals. Coach not the top of the table is not just results for straight to Mangini. So have the likes of Eddie House that I'm happy Martinez opted to join the English champions was that his prospects this season have been a missile strikes that. Okay so when did that. Go to that all. And we -- -- Or whoever swing. Typically -- effect. That that sense rule -- and he put up layups. Is that the easier the defense in that -- -- now it's Phoenix's them. Well certainly very little defeats in Monday's W will need much he's meant eighteen points just a -- 987. Games remaining. But according to the monitor that they are the only ones to -- that onto to the red half of Manchester. No rocket eventually gets -- -- because the facilities fan. Figure that every team that played yesterday that played very soft because this this team that. If these these in these difficult that we can beat them -- that this importance of recognizing that momentum and certainly it would be this hit. That is is these these -- it's very important. Whatever the outcome of Monday's clash of so traffic is unlucky to be as memorable as last season's encounter at -- 61 victory. Secure the first top -- so and so in 44 years.

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