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Find out on FOX Soccer News as Queens Park Rangers had to settle for a draw after leading most of the game.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. -- all week and it's huge Q peel off some points and safeties ever mentions. Remained at these boys knowing David pointed to as the league or anything but good things up for the -- go to ball. The post it's great attends quite ready. Twenty minutes ago will be some more go to human -- -- what is he thinking. It was in the -- to do is just great great continuity on on you. Those people you know if you just that ultimately -- distance that it didn't have -- that. Well he militants and the man who rents went it's today tomorrow but I think in the off action up 84 yards on the attack -- Padilla. Pulling the right knee and back. It's something. Very special -- and you'll play read you know throws things off Aaron Small blew this one they'll keep you off the way. Indeed signed the big hit greens themselves -- -- hands with the Colts free kick the loading the -- -- belt arrests one doing the simple school. Can go the way this women's wonder -- it fall where. Falls right if you feel. But the one -- one of the most -- before you fans of the 32 matches -- The same reckless fallen victim in the post them late season the -- with six -- to -- the Saints managed to survive and what. On the next outing was obviously not too pleased with the results. The phils would be should go fantastic -- then they're really began to shooting free kicks away on the digital books. And the second one that -- is going to offset the bad. -- -- -- -- to win today intend. -- it was a -- for him as opposed you know it Grammy and always told we we were gonna get challenges and be a great finishing him. Which -- ten seconds to go twelve minutes ago last may have formally say -- -- and and was he -- in the crew. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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