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Come see FOX Soccer News as Tottenham and Everton played a well disputed game at White Hart Lane.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. -- of a fall in the Premier League really is gunned down to the wire on Sunday Expos -- -- on both very much of the conversation but I knew that entry and play offs no have moved into the all important. Fourth spots. Announced both openers that -- three game winning streak without having to stop. Again they'll alphabet to -- that ankle -- thirty seconds and again it's -- -- check -- -- schools and to a venue and a bundle. We've been for the -- demand to close a lovely sliding softball league and is one -- -- -- -- of the season fourteenth multiple awfully. Put everything -- crosses created good. But before you put something over the -- wasn't one of them from the corner blitz and things -- and it fills yeah -- -- at the back post. -- left to go for the big send it back and -- tied up 11 of the 45 minutes. Good because well he's expecting again given their -- looks into the books it's a great goal. He's no school in back to back games not at with -- lead to one he's healthy. He's the real feel 54 most of them -- -- who have defected quite himself off the crossbar. Find out that was the sudden the -- but some folks I thought I would. -- even -- -- -- what you'll have to go off the post you'll be safe distance on the rebound. And schools students who. Points -- shed. Now Expos. That's what these two goals and six them off seventh and the guidance -- its citizens as eventful goals in his last four games. The club and country that you've -- Heisman. Evans and me we won't happen for -- -- in the -- -- -- went on lanes to prevent the 2008. Of the next -- the more he's been to this team's perseverance. It's great credited players that they never they never buckled under. I would go yourself but can tip. I'm sure is -- total needed just to them at least give me give them a chance to relax a little bit more of a goal. I don't agree that there relaxed I think tune you know losing either game. You're scoring the first music don't expect too depressed -- -- -- nine. Really do want to U chancellor not. And haven't. So strong strong team they had good good chances we had good chances to. But if you give him and his small amount of a space in the and to finish -- -- What's fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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