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How would Spurs cope without Gareth Bale when Everton vists White Hart Lane?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- him and that it's in music you want to make some of -- out that's how this went out of him today through injury. Looking for it fits winning seven Premier League games and straight from Wichita State six seconds to be exact. And I knew a lot of titles story that fastest goal of the season. An incredible stuff stretching to post its roots in Howard's legs and at that some twists stunts. Let's just six points behind -- at the start of play responded well they steadied the ship they announcement coming close to grabbing an equalizer. But the equalize it did come from -- check you know tendency Leighton Baines this tournament. And schools and get beyond -- memories he's second in the dome of the season. And the reaction that was -- -- stated boys have to ray -- meant to two innings. -- off and did greatly in going god it was at its if not then started the second half the -- that. Those aren't it's inspiring game whisk -- past the post but they kept him around us story is sensational. Individual throw some more habits of magic after his wonderful solo effort against stoke last weekend ticket against -- it. He's faltering -- to Olympic campaign and it's -- -- for the first time this afternoon. Lisa dent -- and Egypt we bring in spend as my two contestants in -- -- -- -- the crossbar. And now -- hoping to at least once this season -- different nearly. Tonight she definitely combination of -- back and we'll wait and it's in defending stubbornly resilience. Or Danny. It's been struggling without direct -- missing with an ankle injury. Put says sprints at the final four minutes and -- -- until like you said it's a have to write a priority at the close. So that instance escalates on -- -- -- instead -- -- in the final two minutes in the last minutes and activists and -- Both sides had chances to win it rates on but he share of the spoils -- wise off -- -- in shape and it's inserted.

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