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  1. Bill Self1:36
  2. the Yankees0:59
  3. leading scorer1:03
  4. Liverpool2:11
  5. Catania0:49
  6. Disappointing result2:09
  7. Eagles1:19

Current Video:Liverpool v West Ham Premier League Highlights 04/07/13|

Catch all the action from Anfield as the Reds play host to the Hammers.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Before will be blessed to have that feel the -- with a list of the one. Since the places he could make -- -- sixties. It was about that is those who had the first genuine opportunity. When it was all. The -- at the army's own -- a wonderful we could run from the Senegalese crossed the succession of -- And if so who is over the top -- that pavement as well. -- surprise of the field as any school twice a season. It's within a goal of the season contender and he facilitates the that the Lola. It's a -- put some -- To get any genuine with the it's the best they managed to the opening period good combination. Between Catania. And Luis Flores and that's that would distill that they'll -- you -- escalated. Winston -- people in the speed -- exceptional form throughout the campaign. Since the Yankees just a few days tonight. -- is of course the leading scorer in the -- nearly 22. For the season and penalty. It was still -- grateful feel compelled to see shall -- if people want to look at it don't take offense not to attend a letter from Lucas. The Eagles possession. And coupled with the -- to go with the knowing. Into the second period and it floated it to really attack and the people with -- possession. More -- but just couldn't find a way through this the closest they came. Speak in general so. Bill Self reliant like James told kids. It's display seemed to benefit the good picks in the west and -- Especially considering they won just two points in the most possible good -- away from the hood in the league. They almost snatched it themselves in -- at the most fluent minutes Gary ideals Korda Jack -- had a it looked initially as they're made with -- from the replay shows it was not to Buffalo and play Lucas. Just as well from the the pools which if you clueless and all of as a substitute. But this as soon twelve point west ham. Disappointing result for Liverpool play the school could pull real tender.

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