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  1. Bill Self0:10
  2. Harry Redknapp0:18
  3. free kick1:44
  4. park Rangers1:56, 2:06
  5. relegation battle1:35
  6. Moss1:11
  7. Colts1:21

Current Video:QPR v Wigan Premier League Highlights 04/07/13|

Find out what happened at Loftus Road as QPR and Wigan attempt to lift themselves up the Premier League table.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Q Bill Self destructive streak returned as they could only draw one goal with relegation rivals -- To avoid the drop Harry Redknapp that's it ranges and ambitious talented deployed wings at seven. Blade again positively. Though it really had the games those jumps just nine minutes wrote the book to be reckoned with throwing with a goal. This matched up eight green Q must win game between the outrageous. Their chances were dealt a huge blow -- -- only twenty minutes still. Bobby Zamora was sent off for a very high chatting to him to be Gomez. It was a bunch of madness from the very experienced player. McGriff refilled dal note and send it to ship it straight brickyard. -- regret that side we're up against it but strangely we didn't capitalize on the -- Americans don't teach. It was went into the second half -- -- I was coasted to a say. 76 minutes things -- complicated too because of mrs. Moss to -- the Rangers go people. QPR -- -- to split being a man down. They reward the quiet -- slipped in normal time. We can't look Colts on the right at them the F found Redick in school that the goal of the series at. Offense has to strike to Leon Smith. It looked like they a decisive moments in this -- relegation battle. Q do you what to push the panic votes and once again. It the injury time but BF foolishly gave away a free kick only get to the votes. Shall Bologna coach and fix the athletes I could equalize that it was the last kick to the guy. It was very tough on queens park Rangers. I only have themselves to blame. Those moments of madness -- that we get into the guy. We'll just throw it finished queens park Rangers want -- with law.

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