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Would Aston Villa be able to get out of the relegation zone with a win away to Stoke City? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael Vick -- Aston Villa at the Britannia stadium which continues the city's recent slump. Likes them into the effectively relegation but too little too right perfect start just -- minutes on the clock. Not like to pull the -- back careful -- actual global and I took sudden and stole his third goal in full games and sixtieth in the perennially. Winston -- that equals to witness public schools. Then it's going to. They were looking to win away acts like for the first time in 28 years. And deployment came close to doubling him lately confidant told -- that I -- by the points. We just couldn't do Texans at the fingertips of harassment affected us. -- it wouldn't put too many positions in the Premier League this season and Aston Villa. We'll -- -- school not scoring a second by slipped city employees who spent ten minutes from time -- -- -- -- Michael frankly. This could go for the club and it looked like David -- won't be the focus. This -- an opposite -- out of him just go forward in the build up there. -- -- -- -- Seven minutes late -- and a contender walked over the series and but the most important go to decision to Aston Villa as well as sensational strike from -- -- and that's when Saarloos weekly. Stick to their equipment illegal -- could go -- long way to keep in Villa in the top flight. Seven games now for the Olympics obviously at stake is reputations though it may settled it with ninety minutes on the golf -- -- tech days of -- play. They didn't attempt to protect kids to school for the fourth match in succession it tends to go in twelve games and -- -- to score. So who say another -- -- -- City just one point in six games now won't win Infiniti. Now in a relegation battle. Villa Clara a neutral site Stewart won't. It's been been afraid he's not finished.

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