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Current Video:Redknapp confident on QPR's survival|

Check out FOX Soccer News as Queen Park Rangers manager, Harry Redknapp, believes they will beat the drop.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you missed -- he didn't want fox soccer news last night. Queens park Rangers have been hanging in and around relegation all season long even with Harry Redknapp slipping into work some magic the -- it's nineteen on the tee on seven points back of Wigan. And it has on Sunday at. A trend that Redknapp is a loyal man and QBR is relegated he's sticking by them Gary potter has -- But still to survival is always close but not quite a while they still the slightest Johnson forcing an escape carries going for it. The last seven guys who will be high intensity. QB are probably need to win five of them beginning on Sunday a must win assessment now. Compete with them. It's a big game for us to go to me. We have to be at the end for sure. I don't mean anything else but a win would we need to -- Think seven points from safety is nothing to smile about so -- blame Harry from making contingency plans for the championship. He says he's done no such thing. No not until -- discussed it. Never discussed it. Never -- regulation because if we still believe we can we can get have it no we never ever looked and spoke about next year I as anything else. But if relegation does happen -- is staying. Very happy. Anything in his head but in response that you are fantastic when he'd when -- stay. Let the viewers missed those don't study you know moment POW. Redknapp says individual -- -- costs keep -- in recent games at least December is first good performance gets full of a Monday. He had and what they could be fifth he had a bad Noah when he knows it's there. -- did you know you come back to -- and I'm sure was Sunday received suit to Chris -- that we used to seeing. Pass for the price much much reported -- a spectacle to followed. Curry says -- samba or any other player doesn't want criticism that -- shot better countdown. -- -- -- announces -- unit can send in they're gonna send you twist your message you would be cool it slightly you off just isn't. As much as he can keep you know who gonna come and say you fantastic. If you don't know dunk on Twitter. Barak QB our Winger shot right -- will not be making any appearances on the pitch for the rest of this defense. Fred at that right at the underwent ankle surgery -- aching pain that he could no longer play through. The midfielder pat may 22 appearances in all competitions for the relegation threatened classic season. Was -- opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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