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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Round that seemed to repeat Barclays Premier League continues on Sunday with someone else fare against -- took the -- that -- -- Both sides are chasing champions league hopeful times -- we've got to bed last week following that he won't try and -- one -- That's not a team game losing streak -- -- stoic side I'm kept them on course for a top four finish. Maybe he must make best use of his squad -- Thursday's Europa league quarter final. You face the Bulls are sent to this team traded it's a piece of Sunday's game appears to see her come back. To make if I was also likely to miss out he had some growing problem. At that since well they'll victory at the start fast lineup make it really wins in a -- I'm leave them to -- in full voice of the top hole just six behind talking and -- with the game complement the we had and it's. Despite his future but that being scouts think it always appears to be relishing the challenge of gate crashing the -- expenses. You'll be without suspended Maryland but I feel like they. Stephen you know strike out against Manchester City teammates -- -- -- school. All eyes will be on the -- I -- the Sunderland dugout when they travel to Chelsea. Well I think that it takes charge of his best game as the black cats by the Jets haven't replaced Martin O'Neill who was sacked the one you know I've defeat to Manchester United. That result might -- games about the victory for residency sentiments that we've been appointed neutral site. The caveat faces a baptism of fire at Stamford Bridge without influential Q at least passable I'm top scores -- like Jeff. Both -- you will be ruled out the remainder of the season. -- people could be picked it up to return. Of the growing injury. -- types of champions they qualifications set with a set up in Southampton as much change lineups set for the team want to beat seriously do. I've written before place. I felt that it just seems that much it's a very schools much in trouble -- The interim boss we'll have to shuffle his perfect game with you right in the quarterfinals it's seen its day. -- injuries that Gary Cahill I'm actually felt thankful. Some. Sunday's final game as a relegation battle between queens park Rangers and Wigan Athletic. Rangers 32 -- that put him on Monday night means that takes its survival in the balance. The second defeats on the state less than seven points from safety makes this -- a must win if announced. Harry -- -- -- seven guys to say this desperate season. But belief our morale took a serious note but it tends. But they'll also lost on the trial right to a leg injury but the fullback should be fifteenth time for the week and plus range as a toilet wicked applying the last six feet or twelve bill last week to hold themselves out of the drops I. It's now three wins in that last hole for -- side who specialize in great escapes. Ivorian striker -- -- -- is presumed to be a key player in the running. He's back to winning goals of what its last two outs and a giver rather it's that much it has been a real chance of beating the tropics games. The Spanish boss has no new injury worries is set today the same stuff like that that day -- That means he's the Joseph -- let's we'll continue places out. -- -- There are two of the games being played on Sunday facing Liverpool take the lesson on its on field. Plus he's just he's -- to return from your record deduction to face -- that it's changed out.

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