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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Round Betsy David because he spent nearly kicks off -- reading -- himself happen. This relegation -- he's not to back games -- his -- looked up the -- -- that's exactly January. The size of the task to face it Redding was implemented since last Saturday as his best game in the hot seat and with its dismal 41 defeat to Arsenal. It was a bit so it's -- -- what's going on goal difference of seven points from sanctity of seven games remain. And attention is a very real prospect. -- kids -- need to tighten up besides anything different except shoot 61 goals this season than any other side of the division. What makes them like your tennis adequate to reach its time we'll. Platoon because I could also make it come back having -- definitely injury. Southampton arriving in the guise stadium at a real high after that 21 victory over Chelsea that's three guys. Ricky elaborate help increase his side's survival type with a fourteen go to the season also let himself be activated the -- -- -- -- affected -- The Saints now have a full point cushion from the golf side -- can execute back to back weeks and there's times. And better. Reject what you can go -- -- the biggest and best choice -- -- -- or should we separate the illness that Kelvin Davis sounds like that the Giants. -- cup captain of the Milan that remains sidelined with a growing injury. The Royals will be out for revenge after Jason thanks you got -- -- go to the game in the team's next stanza. Wicket victory at Celtic offseason besides fighting to avoid relegation -- back to that the Britannia stadium. -- to benefit is that. The Colts they stretch it Red Bull continued last weekend and banks that -- of the -- great but would it be to seventy. Thank you view this -- men have won just once in their last twelve Ivy League matches but despite that pulled that Colts insisted that this season in the -- It's been -- Performances. It is has almost -- fully -- squad to choose from I'd be -- records in the sentiment sounds. You know. That's the that is strictly from the drugs I was -- it's -- -- back into it after 21 defeat to Liverpool. Did he say just cool points behind that we independence -- looked to be impressive all the top scorer Christian -- -- -- The home team pressure on the ground teams now has eight goals in his last nine games. Orlando will have to wait till the fitness of Brett Holman and -- -- I missed the classic Liverpool contrast climate -- to check the hamstring injury time -- Streak. Predictions -- point to a stalemate through this one of the teams that draw in the last -- meetings with the sentence corresponding picks and no that's. Elsewhere on Saturday -- traveled to west -- in 63 points to keep that makes it champions league qualification at night. I'm not RH welcome Swansea arrow right hind -- just full points to --