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Current Video:Recap: Real Madrid with an impressive victory over Galatasaray|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Real Madrid displayed total football against Galatasaray in their first leg of the UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Now football is really about what happens on the pitch unless of course one of the site is managed by shows and read the Portuguese boss aims to win his third champions league crown. With a third club of course but standing around Madrid it's way in the quarterfinals is -- vasser yes big surprise to reach this stage of the competition. But aside there unbeaten in their last three champions league weight classes. Brown Madrid though that's pretty good Chris Young Renaldo also. Pretty good across all competitions -- Madrid now unbeaten in 37 matches at the going to -- where does that come from third minute. Look at again on the court to Maria and -- semis header off the mark was always tricky. The -- recognized and not just. The -- Ronaldo scored in its fourth straight into the game eighteen goals four assists in his last eighteen champions league. Classes amazing guy that's run. Look at for the equalizer at seal mask McLaughlin nice dummy for the shots -- line. Off the corner. The ball appears to strike seventy -- I'm not once not once but twice. Like hot potato game -- no call was made Drogba -- he's not. Still -- know right now it's worse for the away side just a minute later but that -- cross into the -- -- go with a nice for stunts. He slides past the keeper of its tune -- around Madrid. Just like that guy stopping the side that's not done yet 44 minute -- going to work he lays it off for Manuel who -- -- -- look at those kicks it out. It's to build around Madrid then after 45 minutes. Through the fifty ninth minute Ronaldo. Does little dance greats in space. Since the strike anybody shoots it right at Fernando was never a good line and easy handles on that 72 minute -- the 5050 ball Drogba. Called for the foul on Sergio Romo. Really. Hudson set -- Alonso. Things in the free kick Gonzalo Higuain had since -- its first goal in six matches Johnson time role in the Real Madrid and he stopped to take the opening night. Three -- the finals. In this the yellow -- this or do Ramos and jumping -- -- picked up on what's that mean you're gonna miss the second leg. Next week. On that intimidated the field guy that's -- they've conceded a thirteen straight away games now on the champions league low right now. They're crews they failed to scored just once in the last 34 champions league tilts. Was -- opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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