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Find out what happened in Tuesday's contest between PSG and Barcelona only on FOX Soccer News.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Stunning in France -- transcends in my head coach Carlo Ancelotti turn some heads on Tuesday when he selected David Beckham to face Barcelona in the champions league quarter final first leg. This was only -- seconds still on -- join the club to -- you know what it wasn't disastrous. Money pit. Unbeaten in 23. European -- and savor the -- not playing. At hug buddy -- gonna come visit to a little bit as he gets around you Robertson played brings Victor Valdes. But he finds the post the mystique. Decent in -- -- of fifteen from off the Brazilians albeit just go right. Outside the box alone -- do things to life and my wife Valdez and -- cover up before next gets to the bull. -- -- But dangerous free -- he would he would be -- wouldn't be Betts. Is in the big that big Swedes. -- exciting -- Valdez. Now 38 minute -- but in the red Danny Elvis picks up his target Leo Messi he's not gonna miss him at home what a -- Went out there is missing a chance to rebuild this season one mil. Barcelona. 42. More messy -- box. This time he goes over the ball but he comes up pointing his leg and it's. I now second off. He comes off -- at the beginning you undergo tests Wednesday to find that extent of the injury to his wife and streak. 65 his replacement assists -- for God's influence and -- and she is. But it's not. The Sanchez of the amazing thing that was painful for him 77 corner but he has -- play the way it's -- -- the life. The Bulls played back in to -- rough from close range. So the -- Clinton millions Valdez he wants a slight cold but no one is simply hasn't been on the ground when you grew up on -- eightieth. Temple appears treats Nuggets feel what all the post the fools fall -- growth. Who was a long way off so -- Massive controversy the flags plays down the bills fans and we'll plug up one goal apiece. Tonight -- And that's not to get back and it Alexis has brought down in the end of what the paper the other. That's -- penalty now Barcelona no -- no -- Giambi to this book. So why would surely. The winner of the Pistons have won bullets had left and then this one is pretty much the last kick of the game. What -- game Valdez being by the connections if you come back twice to tie it at two. Now with a draw against boss that history and I'm Vincent in the last 24 European Cup -- -- -- -- and fifteen wins knowing draws over that span. Boston to be concerned about heading into the second -- with restaurant and possibly messing -- agent on them and post field on the groin injury list regardless. -- -- -- and that's when I would have missed the second -- alongside his teams play it's Matsui the. Mean -- again that go right into him makes him -- in -- You have multiple citrus. You know it's never easy against an -- camping up in that caught a few times. One a couple of times but it's you know they they're a great team he races they keep the ball well. You know possessions away it's time for us. You know he never know glove with we've got Johnson Dunn is no reason why we call president. I'm I'm wind again. Was difficult but it's always difficult to play against Boston on Monday to. In front of them I think they're very good team shoulder trophy voters would attitude good kind of thing. And -- -- journalism. Wasn't lost Clement who has it was a good game. You know there are very good -- them -- what -- players on the mound. So on the by the result but. We scored in I know the minutes of the and so we expected to two in a zone we age and -- -- -- to -- -- Indian. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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