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Galatasaray boss Fatih Terim beleives there are no secrets to stopping Real Madrid.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Got to -- so I'll relative newcomers to the UEFA champions league. The Turkish champions have never won atonement but huffing and find full recently. Beating Manchester United a Bundesliga heavyweight shall cut on their way to the quarterfinals. That -- teacher in his men will face Jose Mourinho is Real Madrid -- the Turkish -- has nothing but praise for his Portuguese counterparts. She was -- moving athletics. Much of the Phillies left. You know things that. Jose Marino is probably the best manager in -- and we respect him. We have been respectful so fault -- -- we want to continue this also pay respects it's been exactly who was able to contest. -- clearly not of extra. And it doesn't matter what the results tomorrow it's been a great game. I hope to play two strong matches interest on. Yeah yeah. Wednesday's game will mark the first time got a press I have reached the final eight since 2001. Until then has underestimated. The challenge facing his team. You know and and it to a zone numbers and so on a particular zone on bonuses on Ronaldo and other. Move this with all. Cristiano Ronaldo penalty one of the best the most dangerous player isn't the walls. I honestly think we have one of the most difficult opponents in the courses. These particular religion as a collection will be gets it. And it. But I must have mentioned that you too much. Pass -- skates and something talked to them and notebook. -- between them yet you -- the movement for whom you most on the Nelson's that we get to our post -- and give it seems well -- also want to take tests are. Because in these student isn't. Netting -- two million people -- -- all season long innings counts. And you know in my and you could probably truth in that. Much to -- him. And the -- could -- note that. Present them -- mood. I'm in the -- Buffalo has seen the -- just once in their last eleven games in all competitions. The current leaders of the domestic league have also spent big to recruit some of football's biggest stalls. It was these thought it was -- away from and some allowed in January. And the dutchman has no regrets about the move. It's an amazing collapse. I am definitely showed that make the right choice and -- -- now I'm playing against my fifth inning quite a final changes the side I think I've definitely made that made the right choice and that's what I said before. To -- believing that I wanted to go a step forward another step back and that's why -- -- got to this thing and about the intent. I don't wanna say anything about. He'll be hoping to make an impact when got a test so I take Alabama trade. Up -- about on Wednesday.

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