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Current Video:Mourinho: Galatasaray will not be scared|

Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho says his side must respect the challenge they face in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League quarterfinal against Galatasaray.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Many believed -- Madrid's quarterfinals Hollywood got a -- saw in the UEFA champions league to be a foregone conclusion. Jose Marino side and so Wednesday's -- life as an overwhelming favorites on the -- of its ten game unbeaten run in all competitions. But disappointingly season has allowed them to focus on pursuing -- -- European Cup -- so. The Turkish opponents have spent heavily in order to compete at the highest level and Marino is keen to avoid any complacency. But you -- As many people care. It's in it's it's a match. And then it's a team with a great coach. Coaching experience in these top of mind is he the typical Bowden. In the he's comfortable in this talk about mention. You're gonna is gonna be a little -- -- -- defense but at what cost and -- -- the positive results. Pennington saying that they put he's got a fighting -- to -- -- -- can definitely -- Much of the pretty much buildup -- involved the future of going out an illegal club what it widely predicted he will relieve his place for pollsters view at the end of the season. But the Portuguese boss was giving nothing away she -- press conference. You -- so important that. Losers who doubles. On sports center -- results are important for a while hundreds. For the most important is us as well the only close I think it's probably trades will always mean it almost -- with me from two you'll. It was meant you can kind of simply want to -- to -- Colts I think it's -- it feels it's been no. Madrid will be looking to make that twenty full semifinal appearance in the competition. Should they progress from the tie you.

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