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Juventus head coach Anotnio Conte believes Bayern Munich are the clear favorites to win the UEFA Champions League this season after his side fell to a 2-0 defeat at the Allianz Arena.


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Well -- so and no I don't think our approach is tonight's Cubs leaving notes movements in. I mean I didn't have my compliments of -- Munich and the punches. Because they prove they have very strong team the assistant -- and then just that again. In 98 tonight performance to -- us and teaching them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I said yesterday but one of the favorites to win the champions league together in Barcelona and Rome Madrid but put into the community. And they're a team that -- single times go by the physically very strong and he. Every carried out -- night about a lot is that I have ever faced with the amount of -- It's bike shops -- winning the leading by twenty points and reached a settlement in this -- completed -- again. -- -- Gaza being -- from June I'm gonna do think you want to be stuck with the -- to build them.

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