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Current Video:PSG earn late draw in Paris|

Come see the FOX Soccer crew as they discuss Tuesday's UEFA Champions League quarterfinal match as PSG comes away with a last minute draw against Barcelona.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Six goals scored in Tuesday's UEFA quarterfinal. Champions league activity for them in Paris. We -- very late one that could have a major impact on Wednesday's. Late to rob Moore and Eric Bryant here with -- some of the key moments. This -- C Barcelona game this started pre game without out back and David Beckham. Would be in the starting 1128 touches in the first half -- -- really massively significant or at least as significant as this touched by any -- And that's. Assisted on the a great vision that is -- time and time again that he's still hooked up on numerous occasions it's a great run at the story gets. -- this bottom there's guys this is how offensive players actually get -- spots. It's just been there they don't know what to do. The sports -- fantastic. -- bad moment though for nasty here in the 42 minute they shot it just a little bit too late. The important part this is his reaction after. It's better life. And -- like this those. Lost a couple minutes before half time we just didn't hit. Is still there. Might look. Wednesday to one Barcelona at this point and did the stoppage time. Deflection it's it's wrong -- this -- how big is this going to be good or bad pray for him if he keeps the ball down more. It's actually need them to do. They go back. In the locker room much much much more happy team and -- got a -- -- good -- -- One because honestly considered like help spot that puts so like I was the one -- -- on it is how about his Mexican and they don't they can get him back in time. Wonderful I think -- -- shine that once it was can defend as a unit and -- went four with ice and went four -- quality. And I knew he remembers it a bit more clinical and as -- and -- recently I felt. How how the extent of -- he's injury but that the reality is is they they did probably will rested. Regardless that -- they're going back to the new campaign feel confident that they can they can get a result that don't risk it there's a lot more games games left to -- I'd be surprised I think you know the difference in the first half and the second half was much different -- Steve actually pressed umpire. I think they need -- and end up -- -- want him on the field psychologically as well known this is challenge for them in the second half and I -- playing as well -- respond well. But given the energy that I needed to go affordable even rich Boston -- -- -- -- not as physical side that is movement was good his position since was exits and we'll give him belief. And the same two guys and they can cause that wouldn't have -- C Milan. Abrams with a goal and an -- a very important -- is that really changes the dynamics of the second late on Wednesday that all the news building up to Wednesday. You know how mr. Matthews hamstring.

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