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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- of the fighting this edition of save to complete his home in Vegas. Central is a half tight sets the -- have the regular -- have to keep -- parts of our interest thank -- -- Veteran Davis helped his team and of Michael free points with -- -- second half display. The highlight of which which they say to -- about -- Victor Moses. Before is -- he said. Yes did get a stop for a -- be impressed is his team was beaten by Liverpool on Sunday. He's a big -- to deal with Steven -- outs living shelves. Particularly as his line of sight was blocked by -- Suarez. That's Brees -- bad it. If Cassel studied Pizza -- it takes to forget -- -- city where he was being full time. He did manage to prevent a heavy defeat. I'm good night's boxing Barrett basically go. We -- like saying. Just missing out on top spot this week is Simon in the night. The highly rated send an empty -- game finished on the losing side on Saturday as Manchester United that statement. Points. Maybe they did manage to -- their hands c.'s reputation with this dog but I'm. The big league jobs for us this week is Kazmir Beckett pitch. -- that stuff but by helping with the Colts this next season it's easy to see why Beckett pitches reportedly interested the likes of Manchester United. Jesus sites like FaceBook from that he can get a pitch. -- -- -- got the slightest touch to the -- -- around the ice it's our -- that we.

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