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Check out the best goals from this week's Premier League action.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Five of the best golf is spread bitty goals from the weekend to -- -- kickoff back countdown with Ricky -- -- This magnificent free kick gave Southampton the points against Chelsea. -- is the top scoring just -- the Premier League this season this was going on fourteen. Before he's young but still good. The Belgian puts -- on the way to victories ones in which he had to go seven hits in. Sloppy passes without fail the -- -- the scoring for his fifth goal. It is -- team games. Allen of the three go comes from a -- Farrell. After an injury interrupted season -- is beginning to find his form. This was the second of his double this last time sort of west brom. So what's the full drop by the shoulder and on to explode triple guiding pass that ball struck. Runner up this week -- -- -- says don't about countdown they're surprised to see goals that that we regular Garrett by relegating pleaded. It's ET receive 75 this season in the -- and he has now scored both goals from outside the box -- and play your top flight. I go to the week comes from having their on ice. Yep that's about it even then people it's been a pretty uneventful going against -- -- is outstanding so I think it's. That world it's not -- others picked up the pulled -- -- -- and then -- -- -- -- right a couple of challenges people beat us if Beckett pitch. And on site provided -- -- -- like to stay injury free that. Because he could have a significant impact on Bachmann -- maybe. Edinburgh -- -- is this aura about -- that we.

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