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Find out everything you missed from this weekend's Premier League action.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Round that you wanted to -- -- pretty -- canceled at the stadium lights when Manchester United's victory over Sunderland to them a step closer to the title. The only goal of the day I arrived on 27 minutes this woman that passing shot deflected in off it's like to scramble. Accident that there will be credited with the pro golfer and off the bump of host Randy look like reviving the situation. Lot of weapons tight like that that brought -- some help another dismal day for the home side who want united extended their winning twelve to seven games something -- -- now gone I. She's without the big trade sequence that ultimately cost manager talks about him he's still just a few hours off to the final -- Also inflicted defeat -- -- and not -- -- its best back to -- to the Royals the other goal came off. Just give the outside -- sentinel so let's cross from -- right. Those that got us out the lights so the the second gulf as possible and get the other soft tossing his focus on your faithful thought Oswalt was -- -- tighten up with a well placed shot. As ready for the sports -- like line that was called on the counterattack. And it has to be you know involved heavily again in the auditorium crowd against you rooted to -- -- -- break. The visitors did eventually let go backwards jumping up and looks across the Canadian find -- -- -- honored. It was a good consolation back inside you can see it again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Manchester City I have conceded the title but that -- second remained strong off the baseball think that you can also. If that it is resistance was broken hopefully we'll keep up and it's like -- have -- -- into the back post. Battle -- broke off I've summoned them three created the opening but -- still let's make it to bail. If he -- free up ten minutes off the -- when they are Barry's shop was brilliant because it but it's and company. -- -- returned from injury style. If not that big tree was still a little hole the only guy out there right at that point in the -- pats went down with an open golf for the -- -- Completed a visual guy he cost. It's not happy that that team Chelsea's champions league hopes it's. Marries the struggling -- deservedly lead midway through the rust off what. Chelsea debacle leveled them off the next three minutes though when -- married going on with it. It's my job -- Kerry. -- seconds late this outcome than playing the -- the -- that they are the survival went around a -- you know unstoppable free -- It's bolting for the season. Appearance -- big blow to Chelsea's toppled -- seems. Obama had no such problems in strengthening their grip on a tough ball flight with the Patriots closing down both on and stopped it at that good. The road to open the scoring inside ten. It's double that they not blown off the busy irrepressible our files match didn't not a cracked up to -- his ever growing collection. I'm still the great point -- -- what he did reduce the deficit in the second half. But because you edited to make it to love it but it is now free to think some mistake -- this ball. West have -- an eventful match against west brom. And how headed back -- in the front office sixteen minutes. I've been told a half hour bomb the -- what's new goals for the good it's very jovial when Tennessee had shot false hope that's bad ball stuff about his. He's plus the season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At a routine stumble with the likely kind of like how they accepted the golf and like penalties -- -- against the -- and who -- -- were being fouled in the office it was a soft support. Dark night -- just like with the result spot -- But I was as good as -- go for the bodies it is again we just and then what you some of them they sold -- the kicking the ball about dale. Summed up what was Everett pulled at least at this stage plus side and it went down -- while. -- again are active again. Yeah I'm feeling and that season survivor -- to have a momentum with that -- and our agent won't always -- -- -- elected to make it back to back wins it -- I think about fabulous strike whenever the Kodak Wigan and that -- how to the outside while racking McNair back into trouble. Saturday's late games so Edmonton keep that champions league hopes alive with a -- were struggling spoke. -- up that Jones is a dog bites you solo strike from head of Iran as the Belgian for what that meant for the bills' goal for the people went up. Stoked about what just what six. Well guys that puppies on the other hand. -- just the whole point so that's helpful. -- that's one of the Barclays Premier League and he's on Sunday it's livable delta house that does survival of some plastic blow. I've been a stop to brightly and let's just lost a half hour when -- events -- -- -- finish but -- struggle as he runs. But Liverpool look back on level not just two minutes off the interval when he caught TD I've read the path across the Jordan and Henderson to make it one apiece with a finish. Then -- rush of blood from -- to -- -- a -- event that comes -- -- good -- right in the box and sets even throughout the school referred to be that went up. Result it's the home side. -- -- Well that's one of the Barclays Premier League concluded all the fun guy is pure chaos and it. That -- relegation following every few of -- but look. For -- -- as our coach Hampton's shot that gave the Hudson had a penalty helps him get it up boats off the school for the bowl game running. The Bulgarian double for the lead midway through the best Eric -- dreadful. Right just defending presented the conference's top score that Chauncey took what they used to making Evans and account night. Harry Redknapp sidewalk all over the place and it was no surprise when they conceded about a 41 minutes. -- they'll run created an opportunity but at this particular -- finishing -- next to some of them going man that's on the dogs. But it was brought an unlikely guidelines moments like -- was -- surrendered possession and out out out around to rob I'm challenged. People find a job with the Baltimore up. Advocates feel that come back -- really looked on the cards went to wrap. It was wolf down in the box but torched America -- A penalty with the polite -- out help. Look like when he missed the jump from twelve yards as long as well as the safeties -- It's okay. Though and a crazy game where he wouldn't talk about baseball book not that techniques that and I think as -- finish -- before last she catch up to the root for the next. At 32 it -- -- -- -- but Q off the this time around. Despite placing a ten man for the remaining ten minutes of the Stevenson will also read where reckless challenge them almond oil right. So different ranges incidents with seven points from -- they were just seven. There is cultivation of the tossed feisty Q yeah off related trips to the drop zone. Redding and -- Boston -- and end up at the emirates of both sides that there. Meanwhile -- win coupled with the cost of that -- -- things that help make up the relegation places. The topic as you well with Manchester United still fifteen points there at such complexity. -- them up let -- Chelsea's grip on fourth place is listening to an Arsenal of and that and increasing the for a job.

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