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Find out who booked their place in the FA Cup semifinals as the Blues played host to the Red Devils at Stamford Bridge.


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Two of the great solving this football game today Chelsea and if they don't play. It's good for the move. -- -- -- was out of position. They say it. Its. -- Playing just behind them the ball. The closer. It's it's been good to just allows it and just get so it's it doesn't help. He stood at the halfway through its flight just changing direction right did just enough. Don't feel that. Just potentially so. Justin got into this. Just maybe just maybe not. Seasons. So it doesn't run through to -- -- And so there's the run into the since it's good that doesn't sit. -- about it it's really exactly. -- -- -- -- -- No -- the bullets away. First let's finish. Justice of the 29 he news. It's so. At this -- Just the battle zone. It's so good. -- to -- the decently quick. -- -- -- -- Play good. Results this time she's brilliant second one. What's it isn't. We'll just get stuck up his -- and it. Are you didn't see the need peaceful society -- good. He's the only. Season. Okay.

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