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Find out which players made it to the Final Four in FOX Soccer's BPL Faves bracket. Don't forget to vote on Facebook.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have our own bracket to Boston as well are tot he PL player who is down to the lead eight and look at that -- literally. Besides hello me Old Trafford division taking on for a -- really. -- -- -- -- I was just. I want -- that was a battle looks in his yard -- from the infield. Regionally -- the white Hart lane region Derek bell Suarez it's (%expletive) -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I think besides Jack in the final eight which yeah which -- what does it make it possible laughs I almost find barely that -- that's -- as somebody who's going to handle going they'll get it going early on it. We're just like. That's a software. Teammates teammate vs teammate. With RBC out of the picture. Literally. I'm failed takes cares -- that's the holidays for Willis -- now when -- come on people really have to. It's sometimes it's all about the brackets that -- I don't know -- that I just didn't you know I can't wait if Pierre is gonna run away without write what you think note no disrespect act like you're not here to -- just instinctive.

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