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Check out all the goals from this weekend's Premier League action.


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Me. But we'll be fixed they -- them. He's bailed on towards again but still good. -- -- -- The. It took yet but still good. Pennsylvania -- -- -- -- -- song would you mind that like he had these big time. Unless those same thing led to body. This time but I able where -- brilliant finish. I. So he started down the middle. I. And Tim -- Attacks. On this men's side I love Singtel. And hospitals and it didn't seem to keep it means seated movement has come back to hold of the game. -- -- To that ABC. So we'll see on the court could -- yet. Deep with a quarter. It was a bit of -- I. Check yet couldn't handle it's. We've been. Distance the ball breaking numerous against the zone and see exactly get. -- but it's the putting yeah.

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