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Would Aston Villa be able to climb out of the drop zone with a win against Liverpool? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The very real threat of relegation zone fast hasn't been up to Liverpool -- lightly cancers and applaud my team go to one. Was attentive it's not since the phils don't let it defending it it's -- the post office and sit the next. -- on the whole. But needed -- up this -- to pay for a delta and stuff and a half now well. That's paying and escorted them as an event that it has said that making the eighteenth of the season. Aston Villa -- won three Premier League games on the stage with three gays and accepting that -- -- very early in the second half. As the team that it stated fact after the restart. Who have made this an equalizing. Useful skill -- an increase in season teed up one of the past but you visited -- UT game. And Liverpool level tends. Villa side you had to clean sheet in Billingsley for nearly games all of the sudden they fell to -- at the back Suarez -- -- yeah. He was on site. -- -- -- This is the style. We will see until the village -- But -- an offense that seemed to night. Kind of got away with -- back tonight and continue in this state that it that way within a couple of minutes late to Luis Suarez was the inside they can make -- leave -- at the very easy decision tonight. Penalty to -- a little hot at the cat it stayed in -- right isn't this the right way. Get up and go to Liverpool of a sudden in a big hurry hasn't been that deficit and -- -- -- to -- -- one of the -- They it was actually pretty good Andrews bothers -- is a good opportunity itself to full fledged defensive plays killed them -- -- With that eagle on -- -- -- in general team does that besides me. It makes it five wins from six the little Blue States seventh minute stay at the bottom 32 on the punt school.

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