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Current Video:Arsenal v Reading Premier League Highlights 03/30/13|

Find out how new Royals boss Nigel Adkins fared in his first match in charge at the club.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And tonight kids because testing as anybody -- it's a tough one of the emirates stadium. It was 1983 points the very different reasons I'm still looking at it's not Poole ready and looking to avoid the job. We couldn't we fully behind Helio you've been attending insensitive it was -- with just ten minutes on the floor. That's pretty neat stuff and almost -- months for the Ivory Coast international and a big guilt. But I also -- to capitalize. In the first open -- -- it took early in the second full the second guilty Piniella get involves sitting up since he -- The compelling finish. Guilty let's do -- Taylor on the site to play against just pulled aside for the first time. It was pretty much one way traffic. -- cross she'll say but it just against the old reading that too often when alleviates your group -- us through -- the good midway through the second half. -- was pretty much that to begin -- media the second assists to go with his guilt. Just missed it but it's yet to salute the Redding did reply in the -- -- back in this Colts headed into the well placed my helmets and -- -- with a level of play. Hostels and ability to defend -- exposed again. Not exactly Chamberlain's first continues to after the events. To with a penalty which they did -- You know -- haven't actually just outside the books. Looks achievements school and -- McAnulty to to make it cool. The penalty no chance against the Taylor. Most of continuing the Chad defending world every time they faced ready. It's up to us. In sight of the big -- up tonight. Would fight for.

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